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FSAE Member to Member Business has generated:

263 Transactions Reported since January 2014

FSAE is about building relationships - with other executives and supplier members. We know there's an enormous amount of business exchanging between members and member referrals. We want to capture that business in dollars to show what being a member and being involved means for our association community and Florida's overall job market, but we need your help. The number above represents the amount reported to FSAE as part of our Buy FSAE Campaign. The full amount would be considerably higher. 

The Buy FSAE numbers show just how much our Florida associations value their relationships with our associate members. So, why should all members report member-to-member business?

  • Buy FSAE gives associate members strong ammunition to show their hoteliers, CVBs, and other service employers how valuable it is to be involved with FSAE.
  • Buy FSAE gives executive members a reminder that supporting our hospitality members and service members keeps interest and dollars flowing to support FSAE programs.

Whether you're an executive or supplier, big or small - record the dollar amount of meetings, services and everything in between that you do with FSAE supplier members. Just use this quick form to tell us about your transaction, and we'll add it to our running total above! We know this can be sensitive information, so you can choose how much information we share.


Examples of member to member business include:

  • Functions/Room Nights at member hotels
  • Functions at member locations (attractions, restaurants, etc.)
  • CVB services to book meetings
  • Audio Visual or Expo services from member companies
  • Consulting from members/companies 
  • Technology services - websites, AMSs, mobile apps, online education, IT/computer services
  • Marketing services - photography, video, printing, design, ad sales, etc.
  • Business services - legal, financial, insurance, etc.
  • Any other business with any other FSAE member

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Congratulations to the following members who have recently booked/conducted business with other FSAE members:

Marty Bear, PMSI

Jessica Walters, The Breakers Palm Beach

Christy Stacey, FL Assn of Insurance Agents

Kristen Goodnow, Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa



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