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TSAE - FSAE Unification Information

TSAE and FSAE are united!
Click here to renew your membership for 2015!

In the spring of 2014 the respective boards of directors of TSAE & FSAE recognized an unprecedented opportunity to join together, pooling our collective strengths, and creating a single association that offers the full spectrum of services through the entire continuum of an association professional’s career. 
The unified association will operate under the FSAE brand.  In the unification process, FSAE will incorporate and preserve the association history, records of service, records of award winners, and TSAE legacies into FSAE.  Our histories will become one.

The TSAE brand will be closed in December 2014. Click here to renew your TSAE membership with FSAE.

“Regular Members” of TSAE will be placed in the FSAE “Executive Member” category, and should have received a membership renewal notice from FSAE for 2015 dues.  FSAE is honoring the TSAE Regular Member rate for the 2015 transition year.  In 2016, you will be billed at the FSAE Executive Member rate.  The good news is that if you are a member of both organizations you will experience a savings. 

TSAE Associate Members are invited to join FSAE as an FSAE Associate Member.  Because of federal laws regarding access and anti-trust, we are not able to offer one group of Associates a lesser membership rate for the same services. We believe you will find the expanded access to a statewide membership worth the additional investment.


Activities / Events
The events you know and love will still be offered under FSAE. We will continue to have Power Luncheons in Tallahassee and Roundtable meetings for Meeting Planners, Technology, Membership, Government Affairs, CEOs, and more. Please visit our Calendar of Events to find meetings scheduled in 2015.


Opportunities to Serve!
FSAE, just like TSAE, has many committee opportunities to serve.  Please watch your email for our Call for Volunteers that will launch in March for our new TSAE members only, and again in June to plan for 2015-16 committees. FSAEs committee terms run July - July with the new committees taking effect after our Annual Conference and new Board of Directors is sworn in.

Your service on these committees will assist in the identification of future leaders in our profession, and delivery of critical education and networking appropriate for all levels of Association Executives.


Board Leadership
Some TSAE Board Members will initially have the opportunity to serve on the FSAE Board.  The number of TSAE Board Members initially serving on the FSAE Board is based upon a formula linked to the number of TSAE-only Regular Members that join FSAE as Executive Members during the renewal period.  These individuals will be inducted as FSAE Board members at the 2015 Annual Conference.  FSAE continually strives to provide a diverse Board, representative of the composition of its membership, in geography, ethnicity, as well as employment level, all of which will be considered beginning with the upcoming FSAE nomination process from TSAE.

The Unification Process
Discussions and negotiations began in the Spring 2014 to explore the possibilities of merging the two organizations.  The TSAE and FSAE Boards of Directors adopted a “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU), which was effective August 5.  That MOU formally authorizes a workgroup composed of representatives from the two associations to work through all of the details required to unify the two associations.  The workgroup has been working since May to assess the success of TSAE activities and events, and create a plan to continue activities where it is financially feasible to do so.  We are hopeful that the model of member networking events that TSAE has implemented for many years can be replicated in other parts of the state that FSAE serves.


About FSAE
Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP is the President/CEO of FSAE.  Frank’s Association roots run deep with TSAE. As a student in the FSU Association Management program, he interned with legendary Association Executive Peggy McCollum, who was also instrumental in the early years of TSAE.  Like many Tallahassee based Executives, Frank is an individual who credits his Association career to the education and networking opportunities he found through both TSAE and FSAE. Click here to learn more about FSAE.

Janegale Boyd, is the 2014-15 FSAE Board Chair.  Rusty Payton, CAE, MBA is the Chair-Elect, and will assume the Chair in July 2015.

If you have questions, please call Frank Rudd at FSAE  850.222.7994.



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