Foundation Committees

Volunteers are vital to the success of FSAE and the FSAE Foundation. Foundation programs that strengthen FSAE and all associations are possible because of the energy band enthusiasm of our volunteers.

A special thank you to all of the committee members for their dedication in ensuring the success of FSAE and the FSAE Foundation!

2018-19 Foundation Committees & Task Forces:

Auction Committee handles all fundraising and donation solicitation for FSAE Foundation Auction held online prior to the Annual Conference and then a Silent Auction in conjunction with the FSAE Annual Conference.

Chair: Carrie Millar, MBA, CAE
Committee Members: Cora Baker, CAE, RCE, CIPS; Erin Ballas; Tracy Blough; Melanie Brown; Jason Carroll, CMP; Christy Gandy; Alonda Hill; Brooke Martin; Kathy Masterson; Leslie Matthews; Richard Miseyko, CMP, CMM; Elisabeth Oberman; Janet Roach; Tim Spolar; Jennifer Tedder, CMP; Stpehani Thomas, CAE, CMP; Craig S. Toby; Nancy Vargas

Staff Liaisons:  Hester Ndoja, CAE and Laura Wesolowski, MPA


Finance Committee reviews annual budget and makes recommendations to staff and board.

Chair: Barney Bishop, III, DPL
Committee Members: KayDubois Carson, CMP; David Garrison CPA, RCE, CAE; Al Pasini, CAE; Kim Wetzel

Staff Liaison: Sandy Merrill


Grants Task Force develops criteria, reviews grants/scholarship requests and determines recipients.

Chair: Steven Louchheim, CAE
Committee Members: Timothy A. Bell; Veronica Catoe; Jan Dobson, CAE, APR; Connie Galietti, JD; Alonda Hill; Lisa Kamper; Al Pasini, CAE; Barbara Peck; Ryan Tucholski, CAE, RCE

Staff Liaison: Hester Ndoja, CAE


Nominating Committee reviews candidate interest information and the develops the slate of candidates for presentation to the Board of Trustees.

Chair: Jan Dobson, CAE, APR
Committee Members:  Jaime Caldwell; Lisa Chamberlain, CMP; Sue Fern; Lisa O’Donnell

Staff Liaison: Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP