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8:00 am - 9:00 am  Networking Breakfast & Coffee Break

Get charged for the day with breakfast goodies and coffee.
Sponsored by OPAL Collection Hotels & Resorts

9:00 am - 10:00 am   Breakout Sessions 

Breakouts are sponsored by Brannon Center Spring Hill Suites, Novi AMS and St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches VCB

Your Board Wasn't Born Perfect: New Approaches to Board Management
Lowell AplebaumLowell Aplebaum, FASAE, CAE, CPF

The efficacy with which our boards work together directly impact an organization's ability to advance its mission. Particularly as we emerge from a time of virtual and distance, we may have new volunteer leaders who have never had time with their board peers, making it harder for the board to feel like a team. In this session we will explore the differences between a board orientation for new board members, a board refresh for returning, and onboarding for the team as a whole.

  • Redefine organizational definitions of orientation, refresh, and onboarding
  • Customize an annual process of board training through these three lenses
  • Discuss and design what success will look like for the whole process


How to Create a Membership Value Proposition that Wows 
Michael TatonettiMichael Tatonetti, CAE, CPP

If the past two years have taught us anything, it was our need to get crystal clear on the role we play in delivering value to our members. Members must know their need for us as their association of choice.  In this session, Dr. Michael will be sharing a paradigm shift on how you should write your value propositions so that they connect at a heart-level while quantifying what your association is doing for its members. You’ll leave with a fill-in worksheet so your team is ready to implement what you’ve learned.

  • Learn the two types of value propositions you need to utilize
  • Quantify your value propositions
  • Conduct market research to use your members' voice


Don’t Overlook the Obvious: Safety & Site Selection 
Alan KlienfeldAlan Kleinfeld, CMP, LEO

Between health pandemics, shooting violence and weather incidents, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with managing risk and keeping your attendees safe. So, are you overlooking a key element? What about the venue? Is it a help or a hindrance? This session offers points and takeaways on how to conduct a site visit from a safety and security perspective.

  • Discover unknown safety concerns
  • Interpret how venues can influence safety
  • Make use of site visit checklists


10:15  am - 11:15 am   Breakout Sessions

Breakouts are sponsored by Brannon Center Spring Hill Suites, Novi AMS and St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches VCB

The Science of Story 
Geoffrey KleinGeoffrey Klein

This breakout explores WHY story matters and examines the science behind how the human brain behaves. Effective Communication is critical in business and telling stories is a modern-day business necessity. There is a lot of noise and clutter to cut through, and using stories can help both capture and maintain an audience’s attention. Hear examples of the impact of telling stories rather than simply giving information and learn a simple and effective format for telling compelling stories you can implement immediately.

  • Discover why story matters to both YOUR AUDIENCE and YOUR BUSINESS
  • A simple framework for you to TELL BETTER STORIES
  • The most important component to make your story MORE ENGAGING


Association Technology: Think Outside the AMS
Pete ZimekPete Zimek, CAE

Member expectations continue to rise while association staff time is stretched thin. Join Pete Zimek, Founder & CEO of Novi AMS for an interactive session exploring how to automate your digital ecosystem so that staff can deliver more member value in less time. This session isn’t just for the techies… it’s designed to empower anyone who is thinking that “there must be a better way.”


Public Speaking - Learn The R.O.P.E.S. 
Mitch Savoie HillMitch Savoie Hill, CPC 

Public Speaking is the number ONE fear based on comprehensive surveys internationally. Yet much of business and some life situations as well hinge on the ability to address a group comfortably in order to get your point across to any audience.
The Public Speaking R.O.P.E.S. are a codified set of rules and practical exercises to help you:

  • Become comfortable and more relaxed on stage
  • Learn how to "own the room"
  • Project in a professional and poised manner
  • Engage your audience
  • Avoid the common speaking mistakes


11:30 am - 1:15 pm  Closing Keynote and Awards Luncheon 
Deborah GardnerStreamline into Action for Huge Results
Deborah Gardner, CMP; Competitive Performance Expert

Luncheon Sponsored by Fort Myers Islands, Beaches & Neighborhoods
Keynote Sponsored by Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

Massive changes and recent crises have affected associations and YOU! However, everyone has the power to transform into new experiences that pave the path forward. Whether to develop stellar employees, better industry relationships, solve internal workplace challenges, or grasp new ideas, discover how to dominate any stumbling blocks that slow innovation and adaptation - and embrace opportunities to overcome them. Take what you learn at this conference to achieve enormous momentum, compete better now, and streamline into action for HUGE results!

1:15 pm   Adjourn


See You Next Year! 
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