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8:00 am - 9:00 am  Leadership Breakfast 

Start your day with a hot, plated breakfast and networking while learning more about the FSAE and Foundation Leadership. All Attendees Invited
Breakfast sponsored by OPAL Collection Hotels & Resorts
Beverages sponsored by Daytona Beach CVB and Ocean Center Daytona Beach

9:00 am - 10:00 am   Breakout Sessions

Breakouts are sponsored by Hyatt Hotels in Florida, Novi AMS and St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches VCB

Develop a Marketing Strategy in 1 Hour
Abi Bayer and Charla LucasAbi Bayer, CAE and Charla Lucas

Do you find your organization's marketing efforts are scattered, impromptu, and lacking creativity? Let's help you tackle this together. In one hour, we'll help you start the foundation of an organizational marketing strategy you can complete and implement when you get back to the office. We'll touch on: Goal-setting, Time Management, Audiences & Personas, and Inventory of Current Assets. Join us as we help you make sense of the fundamentals of marketing and how you can maximize your member engagement.

  • Identify existing marketing assets
  • Determine measurable goals
  • Lay the groundwork for your organization's marketing strategy

Throughout her career in associations, Abigail Bayer, CAE has immersed herself in marketing and communications. She is currently the Strategic Marketing Manager at the American Association of Veterinary State Boards.
Charla Lucas is the Chief Operating Officer for the FL Recreation and Parks Association and has worked in association marketing and creativity for over 7 years.

Contracting a Win-Win
Amanda MotesAmanda Motes

Between rising costs, staffing shortages, limited hotel availability, (n)on-site AV, and everything in between, it can be difficult to imagine a win-win scenario for your meetings. With help from planners and vendors in the room, we’ll use this interactive session time to share insight and ideas on how to combat and overcome what keeps us up at night, and talk about negotiation strategies that yield a win-win partnership. Come prepared to share your struggles and successes!

Amanda Motes currently serves as the Director of Meetings and Training Academy for the Metal Treating Institute, an international trade association. She began her career in the hospitality industry working at several resorts in Florida before transitioning her career path in 2010, where she has worked for associations ever since. She currently serves on FSAE’s Board of Directors, and is an active member of ASAE.


Forecast Fluency: Learning How to Look Ahead
Lowell AplebaumLowell Aplebaum, FASAE, CAE, CPF

From one disruption to the next, our organizations & leaders have been challenged by one crisis response & sudden opportunity after another. Intuitive foresight – that key ability to track trends – past, present, & future – and translate them into likely possibilities of tomorrow – isn’t learned by accident. This session will step through a process of trend identification that can be used for any association or industry, helping volunteer leaders & staff alike to look up to the horizon and focus on what will most enable mission advancement.

  • Learn & practice a framework of past, present, & future trend identification
  • Discover what questions can connect trend fluency to better mission-focused decisions
  • Bring back interactive facilitation methodology to run similar learning at home

Lowell Aplebaum, FASAE, CAE, CPF is the CEO and Strategy Catalyst of Vista Cova – a company that partners with organizations on strategic visioning and planning, creating stronger stakeholder connections, and reimagining value and engagement.

10:00 am - 10:45 am -  Networking Coffee Break   

 Sponsored by Visit St. Pete Clearwater
 Get some coffee and snacks while you network with attendees and visit the Mini-Trade Show in the Auction room!


10:45 am - 11:45 am  Breakout Sessions

Breakouts are sponsored by Hyatt Hotels in Florida, Novi AMS and St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches VCB

Keeping Your Head Above Water: Meeting Planners & Suppliers Panel Discussion
Jason CarrollFacilitated by Jason Carroll, CMP

Panelists: Tamekia Bennett, Shelly Joines, CMP; and Stephanie Thomas, CAE, CMP 
Steve Crist, Brandon Hall, CMP and Kathy Masterson

Join our panel of meeting planners and suppliers for this AAC-sponsored session to hear leading association executives and their hospitality colleagues discuss issues that impact us all and need resolution for more successful meetings. Learn from real life scenarios on how teamwork can prevent, or smooth over situations that arise after the contract has been signed. Prepare for the known!


Strengthening the Association Board and Staff Relationship: A Win-Win for Sustainability
Wendy ScottWendy Scott, CAE

This session will help association leaders better understand the importance of collaboration in the creation of shared expectations and how to build greater trust between volunteer and staff leadership, members and important stakeholders. Most importantly, it will show the keys to communication and how to really connect with each other.

  • Identify the tensions that can exist between leadership, staff and stakeholders
  • Create a more trusting and transparent relationship between Board, staff and others, and transform the culture
  • Understand how conflict can be shaped into good outcomes that produce win-win scenarios that will sustain the association for many years

Wendy Scott, CAE has been leading and empowering U.S. and international associations for over three decades as an Executive Director, trainer and organizational development specialist. She brings cutting-edge strategies and tactics as an entrepreneur, encouraging association leaders to find solutions through innovation and successful change management. 

Activate Your DEI Strategy for Non-Dues Revenue Success
Teri Carden and Lori Zoss Kraska
Teri Carden & Lori Zoss Kraska, MBA, CFRE

Associations are in a unique position for DEI and revenue success - and they don’t even realize it. In this session, we’ll quickly cover the basics of DEI then explore common association programs and practices that are often overlooked as DEI strategies. In digging deeper, we’ll present examples on how such programs can be monetized with the support of sponsors or corporate partners looking to meet their own mission and social responsibility objectives. All organizations, regardless of industry type, size or membership model can participate and will walk away with strategies on how to get started. 


12:00 pm - 1:30  General Session Luncheon & Organizational Awards
Unlocking the Power of People 
Arel MoodieArel Moodie

Luncheon Sponsored by Visit Tampa Bay
Keynote Sponsored by Visit Orlando

Research exists that can tell us why people make the decisions they make and predict conflict before it happens. Understanding the stages of "Adult Development Theory" can help you identify the characteristics, traits, strengths, fears, and world-views an adult progresses through. Recognizing these stages will help you avoid common traps and build increased communication, efficacy, transparency, and profit. 

Arel Moodie is a "human development investigator" who has studied the intricacies of human dynamics and relationships. He is the TV host of the Disney+ show Family Reboot. Arel is a best-selling author to help others effectively build connections and positively influence those around you.

1:45 pm - 2:45 pm    Breakout Sessions

Breakouts are sponsored by Hyatt Hotels in Florida, Novi AMS and St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches VCB

An Innovative Communication Process that Drives Change, Attracts Members and Shifts Culture
Chuck Roberts
Chuck Roberts

Cutting-edge research reveals that more than 99.9% of all people think, write and speak backwards from the most effective approach. Correcting this can substantially improve your ability to achieve desired outcomes whether those are associated with leading change, increasing association membership, or shifting culture. This engaging, educational presentation demonstrates practical techniques for improving your communication skills while explaining the underlying science of how and why the techniques work. You will never look at communication the same way again.

  • Learn practical techniques for improving your ability to achieve desired outcomes by changing your approach to communication

Chuck Roberts is a recognized expert on transformational leadership and the science of persuasive communication. Chuck’s unique career has included serving as Corporate Director of Business Development, COO, CFO, and CEO for national and international multidisciplinary professional services firms. 


The Changing Landscape for Meetings and Events
Todd Goldman
Todd Goldman

The cost to put on an event or meeting has skyrocketed as we come out of the Pandemic. Why is that? What can you do to keep your costs down? What do you need to know when you are in contract negotiation and what do you need to ask? At the same time, what can you do to generate more revenues to offset the increased costs? Learn from someone who has sold tens of millions of dollars in exhibits and sponsorships, while being a master negotiator with hotels, A/V companies and others who supply the meeting profession.

  • Learn cost-cutting initiatives for your meeting
  • Find more cost-efficient vendors and partners
  • Increase your revenues to offset your expenses

Todd Goldman has been in media, event and meeting management for associations for 30 years. He has grown events larger than ever expected in the industries and professions he has worked in. 

Leading Yourself- Overcoming When You're Overwhelmed
Ken HartleyKen Hartley

The toughest person you will ever lead is yourself. In this poignant and engaging workshop, Ken will give you specific and actionable steps to overcome obstacles that have held you back and move into the life you have always wanted.

  • Learn the definition of burnout and how to recognize the signs
  • Tips to overcome burnout and begin thriving again
  • Learn specific steps to lead yourself

Ken Hartley empowers leaders to lead and communicate with authenticity for maximum influence. A transformation agent with over 30 years of experience, he is a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with The John Maxwell Team as well as an Advanced Certified Human Behavior Specialist in the DISC Model of Human Behavior.

2:45 pm - 3:30 pm   Networking Break - Silent Auction Final Bidding

Sponsored by Visit Jacksonville & The Beaches
Grab a snack while you network with attendees and visit the Mini-Trade Show in the Auction room. Auction bidding ends at 3:30 sharp!

3:45 pm - 4:45 pm  Breakout Sessions

Breakouts are sponsored by Hyatt Hotels in Florida, Novi AMS and St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches VCB

Create Awesome Value for Your Members: Innovation Lessons from Shark Tank!
Wendy ScottWendy Scott, CAE

Attendees will learn how to apply the tools and processes of successful startup entrepreneurs and innovative companies to evaluate the value members expect from their organization and how well they are meeting those expectations. Participants will also learn how to develop benefits and services to deliver value in the form of solutions to member's most important problems.

  • Learn why current and future trends demand that organizations begin acting more like startups, testing ideas quickly, and continually innovating to survive.
  • Recognize the limits of member satisfaction surveys and benefit rankings and discover new questions to ask that unearth REAL member needs - their pains points and occupation challenges
  • Translate member pain points into three levels of innovation that deliver valuable solutions to members

Wendy Scott, CAE has been leading and empowering U.S. and international associations for over three decades as an Executive Director, trainer and organizational development specialist. She brings cutting-edge strategies and tactics as an entrepreneur, encouraging association leaders to find solutions through innovation and successful change management. 

Navigating DEI in the Current Climate - Panel Discussion

Facilitator: Jeff Nall, Executive Director, Escambia-Santa Rosa Bar Assn
Panelists: Willa Fuller, BSN, RN;
Executive Director, FL Nurses Association; Meriel Martinez, Program Director, Nonprofit Leadership Center and Linda Bond Edwards, Attorney, Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell

Gain valuable insights from association and non-profit leaders as they discuss effective strategies for developing successful diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs tailored to benefit both members and communities. Additionally, learn how these leaders navigate challenges posed by external entities and the ever-changing political landscape. In addition, Attorney Linda Bond Edwards will provide valuable legal insights for DEI initiatives.

Do the UnThinkable: Delegate
Tara LiaschenkoTara Liaschenko, CMM

We all have times where we are called into leadership roles and the ability to effectively delegate can be what separates leaders and dynamic leaders. Try as we might, we can't do everything ourselves - and learning to trust your team empowers them as well as saves your sanity. Learn the importance of empowerment, initiative, and creating of a culture of dignity to better understand the power of communicating for influence - and its importance to dynamic leadership. We'll conclude with a solution focused, problem-solving, experiential brainstorming session, and use the collective knowledge of your peers to overcome obstacles to effectively delegate. 

  • Learn the tools for delegation as well as strategies-vs-tactics and the role they play in leadership
  • Understand the importance of empowerment, initiative and creating a culture of dignity 
  • Gain the skills for communicating for influence and find solutions to your delegation hurdles



5:00 pm – 7:00 pm   Foundation Beer Pour & Tasting - Pre-Registration Required
Two 1-hour sessions available: 5pm - 6pm and 6pm - 7pm 
Sessions sponsored by Concord Hospitality and Visit St Pete/Clearwater
Both sessions are limited to 50 people and you must pre-register to participate. Add this option to your FSAE23 Conference Registration to attend! Learn More
Funds raised during the Beer Pours will go towards supporting the FSAE Foundation's mission.

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm   Conference Gala Reception & Dinner - All Attendees Invited
Sponsored by Hyatt Regency Coconut Point


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