Certified Meeting Professional

What is a CMP?
A CMP is a Certified Meeting Professional. If you have the drive, ability and dedication that it takes to earn the Events Industry Council’s Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation, you will join a select group of peers worldwide who have worked to attain this high level of excellence and achievement. The CMP designation recognizes those who have achieved the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industries’ highest standard of professionalism. Those who are currently employed full time by an association or organization in a meeting or event planning position should consider this certification.

How can becoming a CMP help you?

  • Become a more effective meeting professional 
  • Stay on a schedule and develop an examination skill set
  • Interact with other meeting professionals who are interested in earning their CMP
  • Experience distance learning with conference call technology
  • Learn meeting and event planning practices you will need throughout your career

Recommended Reading from EIC

1. CMP International Standards
2. Convention Industry Council Manual, 9th Edition
3. Professional Meeting Management, 6th Edition, edited by Glen C. Ramsborg, Ph.D.
4. Convention Industry Council, Industry Glossary, 2016 Edition

Grants/Scholarships are avalible from the FSAE Foundation for FSAE members.

For more information contact Hester Ndoja, CAE, at 850-702-0944 or hester@fsae.org.

Detailed Information on the CMP Application and renewal process, please contact the Events Industry Council at (202) 376-1190 or www.eventscouncil.org/CMP.

2017-18 Testing Dates

  • November 3-12, 2017
  • January 19-28, 2018
  • May 4-13, 2018
  • August 3-12, 2018
  • November 2-11, 2018

Applications must be submitted online. Approval takes 6-8 weeks upon submission and is valid for 1 year

CMP Resources

Eligibility Requirements

Prep Materials

Recertification Requirements

CMPs must recertify every five years to maintain the credential.