Make an Investment in Your Profession

The mission of the FSAE Foundation is to support education, research, professional development, publications, and public relations efforts for the association management professional.

Your investment assures we can continue to provide grants and quality professional development education for the association industry. Contribute Online or download the print form.

You can make a one-time contribution now, with your membership renewal, or you can arrange for monthly deductions all year long. Remember, your personal investment to the Foundation is tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by the law.

The FSAE Foundation is directly responsible for providing:

  • Grants for professional development education and certification. Since 2002, the Foundation has given $142,700 in grants to 239 association management professionals
  • Executive Series Luncheons on current issues/events - free for all association staff members
  • Think Tank symposium of association leaders to solve industry issues & generate new, practical ideas as well as publish white papers to educate others on findings
  • Research surveys/reports such as the Compensation Survey and Economic Impact Survey
  • Underwrite educational speakers for Annual Conference - over $222,700 allocated in the past 14 years

Learn more about how contributions impact the association industry. 

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There are several investment levels that are recognized on the website. It is easy to contribute at the level you wish by making automated monthly pledges. We appreciate all levels of support.

Great appreciation goes to those that have supported the FSAE Foundation.
Thank you, volunteers, sponsors and investors!

Investment Levels

Investment Levels:
  • Investor: up to $100
  • Altruist: $101 - $250
  • Champion: $251 - $500
  • Steward: $501 - $750 
  • Benefactor: $751 - $1,000
  • Visionary: $1,001 and higher
Pledge Levels:
Amounts are monthly donations for 1 year
  • $120 Pledge - Monthly Plan ($10/month) 
  • $240 Pledge - Monthly Plan ($20/month) 
  • $600 Pledge - Monthly Plan ($50/month) 
  • $900 Pledge - Monthly Plan ($75/month) 
  • $1,200 Pledge - Monthly Plan ($100/month)
  • $1,800 Pledge - Monthly Plan ($150/month) 
Other ways to contribute:
Any amount: We've left a blank box so that you can donate whatever amount you would like.

Silent Auction donation: Cash donations are accepted for the Silent Auction as well. A blank box is provided so that you can give the exact amount desired.


Donate Online 

Printable Donation Form

2017 Investors

as of May 4, 2017

Steward: $501 - $750
Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP

Champion: $251 - $500
Barney Bishop, III

Altruist: $101 - $250

Sue Fern
Karl Kaufmann
Rachel Luoma, CAE
Albert Pasini, CAE
John Piland
Lonny Powell
Dan Sullivan

Investor: up to $100

Elizabeth Aperauch
Gabriela Arisso
Erin Ballas
Paula Baumgardner
Deborah Beck
Ian Black
Amanda Bowen
Gregory Brooks
Beth Brunner
Adrienne Bryant, CAE
Dominic Calabro
Veronica Catoe
Barbara Cook
Danielle Dunfee
Zack Dunlap
Doug Eadie
Carolyn Fazio, ECAM
Jennifer Green
Sheila Hauser
Brecht Heuchan
David Higgins
Carolyn Hinson
Amy Holmes, CAE
John Hunt
Jill Jackson, CMP
Kathy M. Keiffer, CMP
Tisha Keller
Deidra Kring, CMP, CAE
Patrick La Pine
Sarah Langley
Jessica Lowe-Minor
Lisette Mariner, CAE
Rodney McCammon
Kristin McWhorter, CAE
Autumn Merrill
Chip Minick
Tom Morrison
Rusty Payton, CAE
NaSheba Prentis
Mary Lou Rajchel
Richard Rasmussen
Esther Navas Reed
Dean Ridings
Alexis Simoneau
Donna Son, IOM
Carla Trine
Nancy Vargas
Debbie Wysocki

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