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All of us at FSAE want to say thank you for being a member of our organization. Thank you for making us an association unlike any other. YOU are the very heart of FSAE and the reason why we do what we do. Thank you for inspiring us and continuing to ignite our passion to serve you. 

Members share what membership means to them in this video from Copeland Productions

This past spring, we conducted a member needs assessment survey and found that the top challenges for members include time management, budgets (including professional development), staff retention, and member engagement. The survey also found that the majority of members believe that FSAE is providing what you need to succeed. We are here to help all members continue to grow your organizations as well as your career. Here are some of the ways we work for you:

  • 2023 HighlightsTrusted Network of Peers - Access to peers through state-wide events and the Online Community from leading state, national and international associations of all industries, professions and sizes brings real-world answers and solutions. Being a part of FSAE ensures access to thought-leaders, decision-makers and like-minded individuals who care about you and your success.
  • Premium Education - Providing members educational programs that are accessible, affordable and customized is paramount. We’ve partnered with industry leaders and our own members to offer numerous trainings with insights to help you and your organization not only survive, but thrive. We are committed to continue to deliver engaging, informative and transformative education and conferences.
  • Relevant Resources - FSAE is committed to keeping you informed and distributing helpful resources for today, tomorrow and beyond. Samples, templates, models, case studies research and more, are all at your fingertips.
  • FSAE Foundation: Supporting Your Professional Goals. The FSAE Foundation offers professional development grants for CAE/CMP certification and to attend the FSAE or ASAE Annual Conference. We know that members need professional development funds now more than ever and we are happy to support all members on their professional journey. This year we awarded more than $10,000 to members to reach their professional goals, and since 2002 we’ve given over $240,000.  Deadline to Apply is April 30!

FSAE is your professional association and we wouldn’t be here without you.  We value your commitment and look forward to your continued participation throughout this year and beyond. If you have any questions on renewing or how we can help you in 2024, please contact Hester Ndoja, CAE at [email protected] or text or call us at (850) 222-7994.

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Executive Members:
Association Executive: $235
Association Executive 2nd, 3rd: $210
Association Executive 4th: $185

Associate Members:
Associate/Supplier: $275
Associate/Supplier 2nd: $220

Retired: $135
Student: $70

If you have any questions, please contact FSAEs Membership Director Hester Ndoja, CAE at 850.222.7994 or [email protected].

Associate Members Make it Happen…
Affordable fees are possible because of our Associates’ generosity and investment in FSAE


How to Make the Most of Your FSAE Membership:

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Over the past 5 years, FSAE has significantly grown in membership and in the programs & services we provide. Membership has doubled since 2012 - growing from 650 to almost 1,200, and programs have jumped from 11 annually to almost 50 in-person events and 25 live webinars each year! Thankfully we have been able to continue our strong customer service and high standards of educational programming. However, member dues have remained the same for the past 6 years, and after much discussion, the FSAE Board of Directors has decided it's time to have a small dues increase starting in 2018. Thank you for continuing to grow with us.