Make an Investment in Your Profession

Your investment assures we can continue to provide grants and quality professional development education for the association industry.

Why Contribute?

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Different Ways to Contribute

Foundation Round Up AppFoundation Small Change App - The FSAE Foundation Small Change App takes the remaining change on your everyday purchases and automatically invests it in the Foundation. Spend $5.95 at Starbucks - contribute $0.05 to the Foundation; spend $45.78 on gas - $0.24 goes to the Foundation. All this small change adds up to the $10, $15, $25 monthly limit you determine, and your everyday purchases will now help fund professional development grants, education and research initiatives the Foundation underwrites to improve your profession and your career. Learn More or Sign Up!

Hancock Whitney BankContribute at FSAE Events - "Small change" (and checks) collected at statewide FSAE Power Luncheons will be matched by Hancock Whiteney Bank up to $250 to help member dontaions go twice as far 


Amazon SmileDesignate the Foundation when you shop on Amazon - The Amazon Smile program contributes a percentage of all eligible purchases to the organization of your choice. Select the FSAE Foundation and shop


Make a DonationMake a One-Time Investment - You can make a one-time contribution anytime online or using this print form. In addition, you can include a contribution with your membership renewal or event registration.


Monthly PledgeMake a Monthly Pledge - Pledge $10 to $150 per month to continually invest in your profession - and your career all year long! Pledge amounts are below and charged to your credit card in monthly increments. Use this form to get started.

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, so your personal investment is tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by the law. We appreciate all levels of support.

Give Back: Small Change AppContribute Online | Printable Form

Great appreciation goes to those that have supported the FSAE Foundation.
Thank you, volunteers, sponsors and investors!

Investment Levels

Investment Levels:
  • Investor: up to $100
  • Altruist: $101 - $250
  • Champion: $251 - $500
  • Steward: $501 - $750 
  • Benefactor: $751 - $1,000
  • Visionary: $1,001 and higher
Pledge Levels:
Amounts are monthly contributions for 1 year
  • $120 Pledge - Monthly Plan ($10/month) 
  • $240 Pledge - Monthly Plan ($20/month) 
  • $600 Pledge - Monthly Plan ($50/month) 
  • $900 Pledge - Monthly Plan ($75/month) 
  • $1,200 Pledge - Monthly Plan ($100/month)
  • $1,800 Pledge - Monthly Plan ($150/month) 
Other ways to contribute:
Any amount: We've left a blank box so that you can donate whatever amount you would like.

Silent Auction donation: Cash donations are accepted for the Silent Auction as well. A blank box is provided so that you can give the exact amount desired.


Contribute Online 

Printable Form

2021 Investors

As of June 7, 2021

Visionary: $1,001 +

Benefactor: $751 - $1,000

Donna H. Ross, CAE Retired

Steward: $501 - $750

Champion: $251 - $500

Keyna Cory
Hancock Whitney
Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP
Dave Wenhold, CAE

Altruist: $101 - $250

Judy Clark
Andrew Eason, CAE
Frances Gilbert, CAE
Lynn Hupp
Dee Kring, CAE, CMP
Rachel Luoma, CAE
Cecily Millan
Julie Roberts
Donna Son, IOM
Stephanie Thomas, CAE, CMP

Investor: up to $100

ShonTina Allen, SHRM
Adrian Amos – Honderick, CAE
Bill Anderson, CAE
Jim Ayotte, CAE
Nicole Banks
Tamekia Bennett
Katie Bohnett
Janegale Boyd
Gregory Brooks
Beth Brunner
Dominic Calabro
Veronica Catoe
Amy Coleman
Niel Dawson
William Glenn East, CAE
Carolyn Fazio, ECAM
Bree Geers
Darin Henry
David Higgins, CAE
Jill Jackson, CMP
Eileen Johnson
Shelly Joines
Dave Kelly
Andrea Kinney
Jacqui Kiviat
Sarah Langley
Paul Ledford, CAE
Lance Lozano, CAE
Cathi Lundgren, CAE, CMP
Chance Lutz
Robert Macdonald
Christy Manderson
Tondra Matthews, CMP
Rodney McCammon
Kristyn McCauley, CMP
Sandy Merrill
Jennifer Milam
Sonja Moore
Ashley Morgan
Hester Ndoja, CAE
Lisa O'Donnell, CAE
Elizabeth Pardillo, CMP
Paul Peeples
P. Christine Poole, CMP
Kim Reckert, DES, HMCC
Ricki Romig
Gail Siminovsky, CAE
Christy Stacey, CMP
Lana Steele, CMP
Ellen Teeter
Judith Tilton, CAE
Ana Liza Tuliao
Tammi Wathen

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