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About FSAE

FSAE Mission Statement: Success for our members and our profession through Connecting, Learning, and Leading.

"I am at a point in my professional career where I cannot afford to not be a member of FSAE.  Being an FSAE member allows me to connect with other association professionals who are experiencing the same challenges as I am. It also provides me with endless educational opportunities to learn and grow. I would encourage any association professional to join FSAE, take advantage of all the education offered and get involved in committees – the return on investment is tenfold what you put into it." Rachel Luoma, CAE, Chief Staff Executive, VP, Partners in Association Management

FSAE Member Business

Association Management has its own challenges and complexities. It’s helpful to be able to learn from others that have the same difficulties and experiences as you. The Florida Society of Association Executives (FSAE) fosters that collaboration through networking and educational events, online communities and resources that provide professional development for all positions and career-stages. Our strongest asset is bringing members together to share ideas and best practices in management, leadership, board relations, membership, marketing and event planning.

Whether you are the CEO of an association, the front desk person or anyone in between, FSAE helps you connect and learn as you strengthen your career and your organization.

FSAE is committed to diversity and inclusion at every level of the organization. Diversity and Inclusion includes, but is not limited to, age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity, personality type and geographic location. FSAE understands that diversity and inclusion allows us to make better decisions because we are exposed to different opinions, perceptions, values and experiences. These differences are integrated throughout FSAE to create an experience that expands everyone’s horizons and opportunities for engagement, learning and leadership. 

"FSAE has not only added a value to my professional career but it has helped shaped me as a person. Through education, networking, and professional development, my experience with association management as a young professional has expanded widely and rapidly. FSAE has challenged me to learn more about different aspects of association management, and I’ve experienced huge growth that can only be attributed back to my mentors, my colleagues, my friends, and professional organizations like FSAE."  - Amanda Bowen, CAE, nancy d. Stephens & Associates

We believe that professional development should be fun. Our educational and networking activities always include first-class speakers, but it’s the relationships within the association industry and with those that support our community that create and strengthen the FSAE family.

FSAE is a small organization with a big reach and a big heart. Our staff is comprised of six dedicated individuals that personally assist Executive and Associate members and service providers. Founded in April of 1959, FSAE began with a handful of association executives that decided to share ideas and network on a regular basis. Beginning with 32 members, FSAE has continued to grow and expand its reach to the over 1,100 members we have today. In January 2015, FSAE and the Tallahassee Society (TSAE) officially merged to form one unified voice for all association professionals. Click here to learn more about membership in FSAE.

The Value of FSAE Membership 

"I moved from Chicago to a little town outside of Tampa about two years ago, and joined FSAE almost immediately. I’ve been in the association space for nearly 10 years and was a member of Association Forum in Chicago. I felt part of that community and hoped I would find it again down here - which I have through FSAE. As someone who works remotely/from home, I take advantage of FSAE’s well-organized local networking opportunities like the round-table discussions and power lunches. The topics are great, and for me, there’s something about talking with, and being surrounding by, others who “get-it”- it makes me enjoy our profession even more."  - Nikki Haton, MBA, CAE, Association Laboratory

FSAE is the premier organization for all association staff. FSAE:

  • Is the state-wide resource for information, best-practices, and innovations in the association community 
  • Fosters peer to peer networking and association community engagement 
  • Offers professional development education that prepares the CEO and staff for their day-to-day jobs and offers cutting-edge knowledge with unique programming and new ideas in association management 
  • Enhances personal growth and leadership opportunities through volunteer service, recognition, and community service

Our Priorities:

  • Excellence in leadership 
  • Innovation and initiative to ensure growth and vitality 
  • Member success
  • Personal and professional development 
  • Connecting professionals

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 Contact FSAE:  (850) 222-7994 | [email protected] | 2410 Mahan Drive, Suite 2, Tallahassee, FL 32308