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Association Benchmarking Report

Published August 2022 by Naylor Association Solutions

Association Benchmarking ReportAs a partner with Association Adviser, we are excited to share that the 2022 Association Benchmarking Report is ready and available to download. This one-of-a-kind report provides an in-depth look at the current state of association member engagement, shares best practices based on historical progress and future trends, and helps associations in crafting a strategy that provides value and increases revenue.  

This year, we learned that the top challenges associations face is shifting, associations continue to do more with less, and new technology and customization are key strategies in the years ahead. 

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Member Engagement & Loyalty Study

Published November 2019 by Community Brands

2019 Member Engagement StudyMembers turn to their professional membership organizations for many reasons. Professional development, training, certification, industry information, advocacy, networking. Over the past few years, Community Brands has conducted studies to shed light on important topics, including what benefits matter most to members, what makes members loyal to their organizations, and how member needs and preferences vary based on generation and loyalty segments.

This report features a deep dive into what’s behind member sentiments and behaviors. 
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FSAE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion ToolKit

Published August 2019

the FSAE 2018-19 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee collected information, articles and resources to help organizations begin or strengthen their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. This is a living document and future committees will expand on the ToolKit and resources available.

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Association Communications Benchmarking Report

Published August 2019 by Naylor Association Solutions

Communications ReportFSAE has again partnered with Naylor Association Solutions on the annual Association Communications Benchmarking Study -- providing a comprehensive look into the challenges associations continue to face in the ever-changing communications landscape.

We are happy to announce the report is now available to download.

In addition to downloading the report, you may login to the survey platform and now access your customized Best Practices Report Card which scores your responses against best practices and provides communications recommendations in five key areas to help you improve where necessary.

2018 Member Education & Career Development Report

Published September 2018 by Community Brands

A deep dive into member education and career development and the role associations play to fill those needs. Professional membership organizations and associations are leaders within their industries. Members join to connect with like-minded individuals, drive personal and professional career growth and continue learning. Most organizations provide a wealth of educational content, materials and information. But is that enough? Are organizations meeting the needs of current members and the market?

This study is designed to help professional membership organizations find ways to expand and adjust their services, so they can better accommodate the online learning and career advancement support their members desire.

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2019 Association Environmental Scan

Published Winter 2019 by Association Laboratory

Looking Forward 2019FSAE members participated in the Association Laboratory's Environmental Scan survey to help researchers identify critical factors affecting the association business environment for the economy, information, workforce, global and government factors. The survey benchmarks environmental drivers with potential to significantly impact association members. 

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2018 Diversity & Inclusion: Opportunities to Advance

Published July 2018 by FSAE and Vetted Solutions

FSAE and Vetted Solutions released the results of a survey on diversity and inclusion within its member trade and professional associations in Florida. The survey is the first in Florida to analyze qualitatively the state of associations’ efforts to incorporate diversity and inclusion into their day-to-day operations and their staffing and strategic plans. The study results indicate that while Florida associations recognize diversity and inclusion are significant factors to an organization’s success, many are still working through the practical implementation to more fully realize their goals.

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2018 Meetings and Professional Development Benchmarking Survey

Published May 2018 by FSAE Foundation, Whorton Marketing & Research and Event Garde

Earlier this year, the FSAE Foundation partnered with Whorton Marketing & Research to conduct a national study on association meetings, education and professional development. FSAE was one of 12 state societies that participated, contributing the largest number of responses: 63 or 17%. We are happy to share the survey findings in the Summary and Full Report.

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 2018 New Member Engagement Study

Published January 2018 by Kaiser Insights LLC and Dynamic Benchmarketing

How do you radically grow member engagement? How do you develop member engagement in a way that makes your members feel great? How do you improve member retention even after your renewal plan has plateaued?

Association professionals from every size and type of association participated in this mixed-method study. They shared what made their new member onboarding, orientation, and welcoming programs most successful.

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2017 Diversity and Inclusion: Core Values Among Associations

Published October 2017 by VettedSolutions

This national study on diversity and inclusions in associations found that leaders recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion, however many associations have not yet fully realized the value and benefits of diversity and inclusion. The report includes an overview of survey results and recommendations to improve Diversity & Inclusion for your organization.

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Economic Impact of Florida's Associations

Published September 2017 by FSAE - Produced by Downs St. Germain Research and sponsored in part by Partners in Association Management

As the 4th largest state, Florida is home to a thriving association market that includes thousands of international, national, state, regional and local associations. The total economic impact that the 1,000 largest associations have on Florida’s economy is a staggering $3.7 billion dollars. This includes jobs, travel, meetings and budget expenditures.

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Creating and Sustaining a Strategic Board White Paper

Published 2017 by Association Laboratory

According to recent Association Laboratory research, the creation, care and feeding of a strategic board of directors is one of the most significant leadership challenges facing association CEOs. The subsequent white paper Creating and Sustaining a Strategic Board shares the ideas and insights from 25 leading association chief staff officers.

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Also Available: Leading Strategic Change in Associations


The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm

Published  August 2016 by Spark Consulting LLC & Alcorn Associates Management Company

 The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm reviews the substantial body of research on the changes impacting both the education and employment sectors, argues that associations are uniquely positioned to help bridge the education to employment gap, and shares practical advice on how to get started. Stories of four associations that are doing outstanding work in addressing these disruptions are included.

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016 Environmental Scanning Whitepaper for the Association Industry

Published February 2016 by Association Laboratory Inc.

FSAE members participated in the Association Laboratory's Environmental Scan survey to help researchers identify critical factors affecting the association business environment for the economy, information, workforce, global and government factors. The survey benchmarks 69 environmental drivers with potential to significantly impact association members. 

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