FSAE Mailing List

Maximize Your Marketing Opportunities
Special Two Time Usage Deal!

Seeking to broaden your direct mail marketing?  There’s no better way to target the Florida association decision makers than by FSAE’s membership list!  There are more than 600 association executives in FSAE who represent almost 300 Florida associations.  They are eager to hear about new products, services, destinations and facilities. 

Options include:

  • Electronic List containing only FSAE Executive members: $100 for FSAE members/$225 for non-members 
      with SPECIAL: 2nd use for same marketing effort $50 for FSAE Members/$113 for non-members
  • Electronic List containing all FSAE members: $150 for FSAE members/$275 for non-members
      with SPECIAL: 2nd use for same marketing effort $75 for FSAE Members/$138 for non-members 

List Usage Policy: Use of FSAE’s mailing list is for one-time use only (unless your purchase the 2nd time use for the same marketing effort). No retention or reproduction in any form is allowed. FSAE’s lists have systems to monitor improper use. FSAE retains the right to approve all list licenses based on a review of the materials to be distributed and its relevancy to association management. Your order will be processed as quickly as possible but always within 5 business days from the day your completed contract, payment and materials are received. You must send a copy of your mailing piece for approval.  Upon approval and payment, list will be sent by e-mail in (Excel) format. This agreement is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The list licensee agrees to not disclose, transfer, duplicate, reproduce or retain any portion of the list in any form.
  2. The list licensee agrees to reimburse FSAE for all costs which FSAE may incur in enjoining unauthorized parties from using the membership list in all cases where such unauthorized parties gained access to the membership through the licensee or any of the licensee’s agents or employees.
  3. The list licensee agrees FSAE has the right to monitor use of the membership lists.
  4. The list licensee agrees that the pieces submitted for approval with this contract will be the only pieces in the mailing for which the list is licensed.

Questions? Contact Sandy Merrill (850) 222-7994