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Centennial Bank Small Change Matching Raises over $4,000 for the Foundation in 2018!

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2018 Foundation Annual Report

The FSAE Foundation is pleased to announce the 2018 Annual Report

Learn more about how your contributions impact the association industry through education and professional development for all FSAE members.

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About the FSAE Foundation

Foundation Mission: Support education, research, professional development, publications, and public relations efforts for the association management professional.

The FSAE Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in December 1984 with the purpose of enhancing the Society’s programs and services through education, grants, research and certification initiatives. The FSAE Foundation continues to be supported entirely by voluntary, tax-deductible contributions and grants from corporate donors.

Since 2002, the Foundation has awarded 290 grants totaling $172,985 for members to attend educational conferences or earn their CAE/CMP designations. Over $262,700 has been used to underwrite speakers and education at the FSAE Annual Conference and over $299,000 has been used to implement Foundation initiatives including industry reports and surveys. Giving back to your profession guarantees that association professionals will continue to have the best education and resources available to excel in their career, and in the industry.

The FSAE Foundation is directly responsible for providing the following to FSAE members:

  • Scholarships/Grants for professional development education and certifications
  • Executive Series Luncheons on current issues/events - free for all association staff members
  • Think Tank symposium of association leaders to solve industry issues & generate new, practical ideas as well as publish white papers to educate others on findings
  • Research surveys/reports such as the Compensation Survey and Economic Impact Survey
  • Underwriting speaker fees for Annual Conference

Our Vision

Through being a bellwether in the field of nurturing leaders in association management, the FSAE Foundation will develop engaged and qualified professionals whose use of best practices and standards of excellence benefit all in association management and its supporting industries.

Our Values

We intend to move the FSAE Foundation from an "A" organization to an "A+" organization by strengthening the leadership position of the FSAE Foundation as a "thought leader" among key constituents - donors, FSAE members, and other leaders in the association management arena.

Our efforts will be guided by the following values:

  • Leadership in professional development and certification of association management professionals
  • Excellence in scholarship, research, education, training, and collaboration
  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Accountability and service to each other, our state, and our industry
  • Respect for the intrinsic worth of individuals and their ideas, including staff, boards, members, suppliers, volunteers, and donors
  • Commitment to racial, cultural, demographic, and gender diversity in our policies, personnel, and programs
  • Prudent application of knowledge and resources
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2018 Investors

As of December 31, 2018

Visionary: $1,001 +
Centennial Bank
Frank H. Rudd, CMP, CAE

Benefactor: $751 - $1,000
William Glenn East, CAE, RCE

Steward: $501 - $750
KayDubois Carson, CMP, CIS
Eleanor J. Warmack, CAE
Association Laboratory

Champion: $251 - $500
Barney Bishop, III, DPL
Jaime Caldwell
Rachel Luoma, MS, CAE
Al Pasini, CAE

Altruist: $101 - $250
Kathy B. Anderson, CAE, IOM
Gabriela Arisso
Jim Ayotte, MBA, CAE
Erin Ballas
Steven Bonda, CMP
Janegale M. Boyd
Lisa B. Chamberlain, CMP
Jack Cory
Keyna Cory
Jan Dobson, CAE, APR
Beth Dye
Sue Fern
David Garrison CPA, RCE, CAE
Frances M. Gilbert, CAE
Steve Glass, CAE, CMP
Allison J. Harrell, CPA
Robert C. Harris, CAE
Cheryl James
Deidra Kring, CMP, CAE
Mark D. Landreth
Vicki Long, CAE, Hon. AIA
Cathi C. Lundgren, CAE, CMP
Lisette Mariner, CAE
Meghan Millard
Tom Morrison
Hester C. Ndoja, CAE
John C. Piland
Gail S. Siminovsky, CAE
Donna M. Son, IOM
Kim Wetzel
Jim Zaniello, FASAE

Investor: up to $100
Kendra Adams
Jeanne C Allen, CPA
Adrian A. Honderick, CAE
Mary Anderson
Cora Baker, CAE, RCE, CIPS
Elizabeth Baranik, CMP
Paula Baumgardner
Samantha Baxter
Alan Beaubien, CHA
Deborah Beck
Timothy A. Bell
Jason Berthiaume
Ian Black
Tate Blomquist
Tracy Blough
Katie Jane Bohnett
Linda Bond Edwards
Joseph R. Boyd, Esq.
Martina Brawer
Christopher Brown, CAE
Adrienne Bryant, CAE
Hugh Butler
Dominic M. Calabro
Veronica Catoe
Joseph Philip Clements Jr.
Alina Cooper, CAE
Cecelia Corbin, CMP
Steve Crist
Bonnie Dominguez
Peter M. Dyga, CAE
Andrew Eason, CAE
Kaitlyn Farris
Carolyn R. Fazio, ECAM
Marlinda Fulton
Jeannette Gabay, CAE
Gabrielle K. Gabrielli, CGMP
Kerry Gomez-Rios
Letreze Gooding, CMP
Ben Graybar, VP, MBA, QAS
Jennifer J. Green, DPL, CAE
Ginger Harris Ducher, ABA
Joe Anne Hart
Nicolette L Haton, MBA, CAE
Jordan McIntosh Hawkins
Taylor Hendrickson
Darin G. Henry
David Higgins, CAE
Alonda Hill
Carolyn D. Hinson, CGMP
Jim Honeycutt
Michael Howland, CAE
Bill D. Hunter, APRP, CAE
Lynn Hupp
Emily Jennings
Paul Jess
Shelly Joines
Ava Jones
Lisa Kamper
Karl Kaufmann
Liz Koehler
Jeff Kottkamp, P.A.
Belinda Krause
Renee LaPlante, CMP
Steven Louchheim, CAE
Jessica Lowe-Minor
Charla Lucas
Kristin Marshall, CMP
Brooke Martin
Tondra Matthews, CMP
Kristyn McCauley, CMP
Kristin McWhorter, CAE
Ashley Merrill
Autumn Merrill
Sandy Merrill
Scott Merritt
Carrie Millar, MBA, CAE
Richard Miseyko, CMP, CMM
Marilu Morada
Celia Moser, CMP
Amanda Motes
Lydia Nalepa
Bennett E. Napier, II, CAE
Suzanne Neve
Elisabeth Oberman
Lisa O’Donnell, CAE
Wendy Parker Barsell, APR
Matt C. Pave
Barbara Peck
Samantha Pedrosa
Lee Phillips
Dr. Ginger Phillips, EDD, CMM
Cherie Pinsky
P. Christine Poole, CMP
Lonny T. Powell
Mary Lou Rajchel, Esq.
Sharon G Rigsby, CAE
Julie Roberts
Sam Rogers, Jr., CPCU
Melissa Rudd
Dennis Scarry
Pat Schneider, CMP, CMM
Jon Shiver
Marianne Short
Alexis Simoneau
Sonya A. Stanley
Leigh Stehlik
Crissy Tallman, CMP, CAE
Jennifer Tedder, CMP
Karen Thurston
Susan Tobin, CMP, IOM, CAE
Michael Townes
Ryan Tucholski, CAE, RCE
Maureen Turner
Christina Welty
Laura Wesolowski, MPA
Michele L. White, CAE
Kelli Williams
John Yarbrough

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