Think Tank | Executive Series Luncheons  

Think Tank is a bi-annual meeting hosted by the FSAE Foundation to contemplate a single issue, concern, topic, or idea and contribute to the association management knowledge base.

Think Tank White Papers:

2023 - Managing and Thriving in a time of Constant Disruption – A Technology Perspective and Deep Dive for Associations

2021 - Culture of Engagement: How to Build Engaged, Passionate Members

2019 - Learning for a Lifetime: The Role of Associations to Shape the Future Workforce

2017 - Creating Value Beyond Membership

2015 - Associations 2024: The Next Generation of Leaders and Associations

2013 - The Membership Nexus: Positioning Your Association in the Face of Declining Revenue Streams

2012 - Exploring the Shift from an Industrial Economy to a Post-Industrial Economy

2011- Five Radical Changes to Keep your Association Relevant

2010 - The Leadership Renaissance for Today’s Executive Renewal for You and Your Organization

2009 - "SurThrival"- A How to Guide to Post-Recession Opportunities, Threats & Possiblities"

2008 - "The Future of Associations: How do we influence and prepare for what is coming next?"

2007 - How Changes in Cuba Impact Florida | Executive Summary

2006 - The Ins, Ups & Outs of HR Management

2004 - Who's Got the Right Stuff for Leadership & How Do We Get Them in the Driver's Seat

2003 - Leading Innovation in the 21st Century Association

2002 - Toward Better Governance

2000 - The Past to the Present

1999 - Diary of an Anonymous Association Executive

What is Think Tank?

The FSAE Foundation hosts a bi-annual Think Tank to contribute to the association management knowledge base. The meeting gathers a small group of association decision makers to contemplate an issue, concern, topic, or idea concerning the operation of associations and/or the association management profession. The group, with the assistance of our informed facilitator, draws conclusions and drafts a report to contribute to the association community.

FSAE Executive Members in good standing, FSAE Board of Directors and Foundation Trustees are eligible to participate in this exciting event. The white papers below are the products of past Think Tank meetings.