Volunteers are vital to the success of FSAE and the FSAE Foundation. The association better serves all members because of those that contribute their skills and expertise to lead our Committees and Task Forces.

A special thank you to all of the committee members for their sustained energy and enthusiastic involvement in ensuring the success of FSAE!

2019-20 Committees for FSAE and the Foundation

Annual Conference Committee works closely with FSAE staff to plan each year’s Annual Conference

Co-Chairs: Suzanne Neve and Kim Wetzel
Committee Members:
Education Committee Chair: Joe Nullet and Larry Darnell, MBA, CAE
Marketing Committee Chair: Michelle Waddell
Silent Auction Committee Chair: Christy Gandy
Sponsorship Sub-Committee Chair: Carrie Millar, MBA, CAE
VIP Reception Sub-Committee Chair: Kristin Marshall
At-Large Members: Tara Liaschenko, CMM
Staff Liaison:  Trevor Maddox, CMP

Associate Advisory Committee (AAC) maintains a dialogue between the FSAE Board of Directors and the Associate Members to address the needs of Associate Members and ways to support Executive Member initiatives. This committee is for Associate Members Only

Chair: Cheryl James
Committee Members: Pete Anderson, ARM; Tamara Armstrong; Elizabeth Baranik Pardillo, CMP; Chris Capozzi; Lisa B. Chamberlain, CMP; Tara Coates, CMP, CHSP; Michael Copeland; Steve Crist; Cathy Ennis; Carolyn R. Fazio, ECAM; Darin G. Henry; Cheryl James; Tara Liaschenko, CMM; Lance Lozano, CAE; Mary Malone, CMP; Kristin Marshall, CMP; Kathy Masterson, CHSP; Richard Miseyko, CMP, CMM; P. Christine Poole, CMP; Charles Popper; Lonny T. Powell; Michelle Waddell; Jessica Walters; Kim Wetzel
Staff Liaison: Adrian Amos Honderick, CAE

Auction Committee handles all fundraising and donation solicitation for FSAE Foundation Auction held online prior to the Annual Conference and then a Silent Auction in conjunction with the FSAE Annual Conference.

Chair: Christy Gandy
Committee Members: Cora Baker, CAE, RCE; Tracy Blough; Susan Budner; Maria Daniel Espina; Jan Dobson, CAE, APR; Kristin Frank; Erin Marie Groves; Tara Hart-Patterson; Alonda Hill; Samantha Hobbs; Tania Lynn; Kathy Masterson, CHSP; Tondra Matthews, CMP; Manolita Moore, MBA; Suzanne Neve; Elisabeth Oberman; P. Christine Poole, CMP; Noelle Ricciardi; Stephanie Thomas, CAE, CMP; Ann Marie Vibbert; Michelle Wilson
Staff Liaisons: Hester Ndoja, CAE and Lana Steele

Awards Committee develops and implements the annual awards program

Chair: Michele White, CAE
Committee Members: Gail S. Siminovsky, CAE; Kathy Masterson, CHSP; Krystal Ferm; Alexis Simoneau, CAE; Laurie LoRe-Gussak, MBA, IOM, CAE; Timothy A. Bell; Drew Eason, CAE; Bennett E. Napier, II, CAE; Pat Schneider, CMP, CMM
Staff Liaison: Adrian Amos Honderick, CAE

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is tasked with creating an action plan for the newly-adopted Diversity & Inclusion Statement to encourage and increase diverse and inclusive membership and member engagement in FSAE.

Chair: Richard Brown, CAE
Committee Members: Shon Allen, MSHRM, SHRM-SCP; Valeria Anderson, IOM; Adrienne Bryant, CAE; Linda Bond Edwards; William Ferguson; Liane M. Giroux, CAE; Samadhi Jones; Marsha Kiner, CAE; Mary Malone Gupta, CMP; Crissy Tallman, CMP, CAE; Rachel Tullius; Joshua G. Zorn
Staff Liaison: Adrian Amos Honderick, CAE

Education Committee develops educational programs for the Annual Conference and FSAE networking events

Co-Chairs: Joe Nullet and Larry Darnell, MBA, CAE
Committee Members: Martina Brawer; Mary Kay Brickey; Angela Emerson, MBA, RCE; Willa Fuller, BSN, RN; Cheryl James; Mary Pat King, MS; Mary Malone Gupta, CMP; Amanda Motes; Barbara Peck; Anneessa D. Reid; Susan Stowell Corder, CAE; Crissy Tallman, CMP, CAE; Stephanie Thomas, CAE, CMP
Staff Liaison: Trevor Maddox, CMP

Finance Committee reviews the annual budget and makes recommendations to keep the organization profitable

Chair: Fran Gilbert, CAE
Committee Members:  Jaime Caldwell; Joe Grimes, CAE; Lonny T. Powell; Donna M. Son, IOM; J. Nealy Wheat, CAE; Michele L. White, CAE
Staff Liaison: Sandy Merrill

Governance Committee ensures that the operational foundation of the Society is sound and functioning effectively

Chair: Jaime Caldwell
Committee Members: Amanda Bowen, CAE; Veronica Catoe; Nicolette Haton, MBA, CAE; Cheryl James; Marsha Kiner, CAE; Gail Siminovsky, CAE
Staff Liaison: Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP

Government Affairs Committee identifies the legislative and regulatory issues that affect the association management profession and informs FSAE members.

Chair: Lance Lozano, CAE
Committee Members: Janegale Boyd, CAE; Cori Henderson; Samantha Hobbs; Marsha Kiner, CAE; Mark Landreth, CAE; Paul Ledford, CAE, DPL; Drew Preston; Hardy Smith
Staff Liaison: Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP

Grants Task Force develops criteria, reviews grants/scholarship requests and determines recipients for FSAE Foundation Grants.

Chair: Jan Dobson, CAE, APR
Members: Jennifer K. Abdelnour; Timothy A. Bell; Alonda Hill; Mark D. Landreth; Steven Louchheim, CAE; Barbara Peck; J. Nealy Wheat, CAE
Staff Liaison: Hester Ndoja, CAE

Marketing Committee works under the direction of the Annual Conference Committee and in conjunction with FSAE staff in member and prospect outreach to create the buzz about Conference.

Chair: Michelle Waddell
Committee Members: Holly Banks, CMP; Abigail Bayer; Adrienne Bryant, CAE; Chris Capozzi; Teri Carden; Jason carroll, CMP; Michael Copeland; Brandon Hall; Cheryl James; Shelly Joines; Jonathan Kilduff; Marsha Kiner, CAE; Charla Lucas; Mary Malone Gupta, CMP; Austin Moser; Ashley Odham; Emilie Peron; Sarah Sain; Jon Shiver; Gail S. Siminovsky, CAE; Kim Wetzel
Staff Liaison: Adrian Amos Honderick, CAE

Membership Committee develops on-going recruitment and retention initiatives

Chair: Elizabeth Baranik Pardillo, CMP
Committee Members:  Shon Allen, MSHRM, SHRM-SCP; Susan Budner; Jenean Chavey, CHME; Vanessa Goode; Liz Hogan; Tania Lynn; Lisette Mariner, CAE; Jennifer Milam; Karen Morris, CMP; Austin Moser; Scott Oser; P. Christine Poole, CMP; Scott Schroeder; Alexis Simoneau, CAE; Susan Stowell Corder, CAE; Crissy Tallman, CMP, CAE; Wendell Thompson; Brian Van Norman, CAE; Daniel Walsh
Staff Liaison: Hester Ndoja, CAE

Nominating Committee develops a strategy for identifying members for leadership positions with the Society and preparing them to assume those roles

Chair: Rachel Luoma, CAE
Committee Members: Krystal Ferm; Cheryl James; Melissa Keahey; Dee Kring, CAE, CMP; Lonny Powell; Letreze Taylor, CMP; Stephanie Thomas, CAE, CMP; 
Staff Liaison: Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP 

Roundtable Task Force plans all Roundtable meetings by quarterly conference call to select topics and speakers, invite and encourage attendance, and actively participate in Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa and South FL Roundtable meetings.

Co-Chairs: Val Anderson, IOM and Melissa Keahey 
Members: Robert Stephen Blake; Marianne Bock; Katie Jane Bohnett; Gregory Brooks; Karen Fast; Krystal Ferm; Manolita Moore, MBA; Amanda Motes; Scott Schroeder; Mia Thomas, CPA, CGMA
Staff Liaison: Lana Steele

Sponsorship Sub-Committee identifies and secures sponsors for the annual conference

Chair: Carrie Millar, MBA, CAE
Members: Heather Bernier; Amy Childs; Angela Emerson, MBA, RCE; Kristin Frank; Erin Marie Groves; Tyrone Haskett; Richard Miseyko, CMP, CMM; Suzanne Neve; Drew Preston; Ricki Romig; Nicole Smith
Staff Liaison: Hester Ndoja, CAE 

Young & Emerging Professionals Committee creates programs that encourages engagement of young/emerging professionals within FSAE and generates opportunities for networking, education and professional growth.

Chair: Brooke Martin
Committee Members: Katie Jane Bohnett; Rachel Bridger-Tomlinson; Brittany Erigo; Krystal Ferm; Erin Marie Groves; Brandon Hall; Cara Hammock; Taylor Hendrickson; Kristyn McCauley, CMP; Lindsey McClain; Austin Moser; Ashley Odham; Aubrie Leigh Pennekamp; Jennifer Tedder, CMP
Staff Liaison: Lana Steele